The Good Doctor Recap 05/14/24: Season 7 Episode 9 “Unconditional”

Tonight on NBC their new medical drama “The Good Doctor” airs with an all-new Tuesday, May 14, 2024, episode and we have you The Good Doctor recap below. In tonight’s The Good Doctor season 7 episode, 9 called, “Unconditional,” as per the ABC synopsis,

“Dr. Claire Browne returns from her work in Guatemala for a personal medical examination. Elsewhere, Dr. Glassman struggles to manage Hannah, who remains unresponsive to his attempts to help. Park seeks out the perfect last-minute wedding location.”

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In tonight’s The Good Doctor episode, Claire was back in town. The doctor left to become Chief of Surgery in Guatemala. She was back now because she found a lump in her breasts. She had a biopsy where she was working. It shows that the lump wasn’t cancerous. Only she still needs to do other tests.

She needed a breast MRI. Those were actually better now than the traditional mammogram. It’s better for younger women with denser breasts. Shaun went with Claire back to the old hospital and he had another biopsy done. The second biopsy showed that the first one was wrong. Claire’s lump was cancerous. And Shaun had to break the news to her.

Claire’s situation affects everyone that cares for her. Which was most of the hospital. They all watched Claire shine. They also had relationships with her that went past colleagues. They were sad when they heard she had breast cancer. Claire was lucky in the sense that it was found early.

She has Stage 1A. Her lump could be removed in surgery. She will be fine after chemotherapy. Shaun should have focused solely on Claire and he couldn’t do that because his wife told him something. Lea mentioned that there was a girl in Glassman’s apartment. And the girl was calling herself his niece.

Shaun knows that Glassman doesn’t have a niece called Hannah. He did however have a patient named Hannah. She was a homeless drug addict. Glassman performed surgery on her to deal with the chronic pain. He was hoping to heal her of her addiction and it had the opposite effect.

She now wants to still use. She was hoping to slowly wean herself off drugs. Glassman was providing her the drugs she needs. He knows that her plan won’t work in the long-term. Hannah reminds him of his late daughter. Its why he was willing to risk his license to help Hannah.

Shaun later confronted Glassman. He told him to kick out Hannah or he was going to report him. Glassman refused and Shaun later realized the significance of that. Shaun spoke to Lea again.

She reminded Shaun about Glassman’s late daughter. She said that Glassman gave Shaun all the love he couldn’t give his daughter. It worked out for Shaun. It could work out now with Hannah. Shaun then decides not to report Glassman. He also tried to focus on Claire again because she needed him. Her cancer has spread past the initial lump.

They needed to take more from her breasts. Claire had a second surgery. The second surgery went much better. She also received a special pillow to help with her scar. Morgan gave her the pillow.

She also invited Claire to her wedding. She and Park were initially going to get married at the courthouse. Park didn’t want that though. He wanted the venue to be as special as Morgan is. Now that they agreed to get married, they wanted it to be special. He took a day off work to try and bring a wedding together in a week’s time.

Park also was keeping it a surprise to Morgan. She had no idea he was running around town trying to find a venue that was sentimental and open for a wedding. Park naturally tried the spot where Morgan bum rushed the stage to perform. That place was booked. It was booked weeks in advance.

Park was still running around to find a spot when Shaun told Claire what’s bothering him. He told her about Glassman and this Hannah person. Claire understands Glassman’s position. She said all addicts have conditional things. Conditional homes. Conditional relationships. Conditional jobs.

Claire often wonders what if she had loved her mother unconditionally. Would her mother still be alive? Claire doesn’t know that answer and so she’s moved out of the conditional stage. She learned to love. The same could be said for Shaun. Shaun just had to be there for Glassman. Shaun stops by Glassman after work.

He found him crying by the steps. Glassman was weaning Hannah off drugs. She then broke the rule by getting drugs on her own. She uses everyday at all times of the day. She was an addict. One that didn’t want to get clean. Glassman got upset with her and he still left her a pill before he went outside to cry. Shaun finds him. He saw that Glassman was in crisis. So, Shaun decided to talk to Hannah.

Shaun told Hannah that Glassman helped him like he’s trying to help her. He loved him. Hannah should let him love her too. Glassman’s love was unconditional now because of what happened with his daughter. He never wanted to make the same mistake again. He was good for Shaun.

Hannah needed to admit she has a problem. She thinks she doesn’t need rehab because rehab won’t work. What won’t work was that attitude. The one was she lied to herself about the help she needed. Hannah was sick. She needed to go to rehab and if it doesn’t work out – she’ll still have Glassman’s unconditional love.

Thankfully, Hannah listened to Shaun. She decided to go to rehab. She was going to look for one with Glassman’s help. They were up all night looking for one. He missed the wedding. Just not the reception. Park got the venue where they had their first date. It was only available at two in the morning.

Park even got Morgan a beautiful wedding dress. He borrowed one of her dresses. He gave it to a stylist. She now has a beautiful wedding dress. He has a tux. He invited all their friends to the venue. All Morgan had to do was shown up and she was happy when she did. It was a beautiful ceremony.

Glassman told Shaun after the wedding that his brain tumor was back. He could be dying.

And Claire passed out after the wedding so Jared rushed her to the hospital.

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