Will Trent Season 2 Episode 10 Review: Do You See the Vision

What looked like a predictable season finale ended on a devastating cliffhanger.

The GBI and the APD were stumped in Will Trent Season 2 Episode 10 as more sex offenders were murdered.

The team practiced some unusual methods to try to crack the case until Will hit the jackpot.

As the bodies stacked up with the name similarities, the same grew more frazzled.

All the victims wore glasses, were asphyxiated, and were found dead with a toy in their mouth.

Since the newest victim had broken ribs, Michael wondered if someone had done a wrong version of the Heimlich Maneuver and demonstrated it on Pete.

That didn’t work.

Will got his breakthrough while watching Angie and Betty playing together, though no one understood Will’s train of thought until he had Michael and Caroline demonstrate.

This was the most Caroline’s ever been involved in a case.

Will was positive that the killer drugged their victims and slowly suffocated them to make them suffer.

It sounded like she was a rape victim, so they needed to find her and where she was meeting these perverts before someone else was harmed.

Michael added a bit of comic relief as he stood on Franklin’s desk, demanding if anyone recognized that red ticket.

He and Will didn’t fit in at the roller skating rink, and I almost wondered if the cashier was involved when she complained that Connor Pierce, another pervert brushed against her butt, and the cops hadn’t done anything about it.

That would have been too easy. Faith and Will got a lead from a past case connecting Pierce to a young girl named Strawberry girl, who made yet another date.

Featuring the timelines from Will and Angie’s perspectives helped decipher the similarities and differences.

They both were ready to start a family and fill that house with children, a fact that Amanda fully supported.

After all this time, Amanda recognized that Angie had grown, and vulnerability and sensitivity made her a thorough agent who was fantastic with troubled teens.

The GBI would be lucky to have her.

Franklin also had good advice that Angie could relapse if something happened between her and Will, and she would still be forced to work with him daily. Did he have a crystal ball?

He cares for her and her well-being so much.

After hearing Crystal’s survivor story, it made perfect sense. Her mother never supported her, and she even started dating another creep, so Crystal returned to Atlanta.

Even while Angie embraced the girl, she felt the pieces falling down around them.

Angie tried to deny that Crystal committed those murders, but she couldn’t after seeing the evidence board or the men’s glasses in Crystal’s apartment.

It’s challenging to see Crystal as a full-fledged serial killer when she was the one attacked.

I’m still unsure if all those men attacked her or she associated them with Lenny, and killing them was reactionary.

She would have had a decent insanity plea if only Angie had gotten Crystal to turn herself in.

This case got intense and murky.

While Angie was still grieving Crystal’s death, Faith and Will harassed her with questions about how much she knew. Angie needed someone there on her side.

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